Have you heard of wedding details and wondered what the heck they are talking about? Have you wondered why they have become such an important (and often times, expensive) role in planning your wedding day? Well,  you aren’t alone. Wedding details can be anything that is used to tie in the theme, mood or story you hope to achieve out of your wedding: like stationery, florals, signage, place cards, table decor, venue shots, and portraits.

These features have become a key piece to weddings and are an important way for your story to be told through the wedding experience and later, wedding photos. Even the professionals are learning how to capture “details” in ways that allow your wedding photos to tell your story for years to come.

I had the privilege and honor to have my work be a part of the infamous fine art wedding photographer, Nicole Colwell‘s workshop for photographers. She teaches both experienced and new photographers how to improve and master the art of capturing details for a wedding day. The venue for this workshop was The Glenview Mansion in Rockville, Maryland. If you haven’t seen the beauty of this place before… catch your breath.



The color pallet for this bridal inspiration was a mix of natural blush pinks, ivory and gold hues that all could be derived from nature.

The organic florals created by Love Blooms helped accentuate the beauty that already existed both along the stone pathway and the natural lit reception space. I loved how her work never competed for attention with the venue, but heightened it.



The blank white table really made the gold flatware, sandstone tapered candles, blush wine, and colorful flora pop off the table. I love the simple salt and pepper detail – adding both texture, color and purpose to the tablescape.  I created equally minimalistic place cards scripted with a soft and romantic calligraphy for each guest’s kind welcome to their seat. The place cards were created with a soft deckle fine art paper made in Italy.



One of the most important wedding details is the wedding invitation. This piece serves a dual purpose and a lofty one at that. In it’s most basic function, it is created to invite guests to potentially the most incredible day of the couple’s new life together.  It offers the important need-to-know information to the guests of where, when, what, etc. But more than just that, it is the very first formal impression to your guests of what to expect for the wedding day. This venue surely deserved a sweet introduction. And the soft, airy elegance of the venue was intentionally tied in through the simple, deckled edge cotton invite. I really wanted to share the architectural beauty of the exterior of the mansion shown via a hand drawn sketch on the reception card. The soft and romantic calligraphy heightened expectations of intimacy and elegance that were vital parts of the design for this bridal shoot.

Nicole Colwell styled this suite using bits and pieces of Love Blooms flora and a calligraphed poem about springtime love.



Nicole focused on showcasing the movement of beautiful bride, Gabriella through her bridal portraits. She also shows how powerful the hands can be in adding character and interest to a photo. Somehow, photos that show the movement of hands always seem so much more honest and authentic to me. I loved how Nicole highlighted that important detail in her photography workshop. Can you see how Gabriella’s hands play an important role in each of these photos? And how about those SHOES?



Why is Nicole Colwell teaching photographers to capture these images? Each of these small details really help create beautiful photos for your wedding day and photo albums. They draw interest and help to tell your story in a way that is personal, authentic and YOU. If you want photos that you can look back on and remember the emotion you felt…if you want a wedding day that people FEEL SOMETHING when they are there and even get to know you better through experiencing it…If detail photos like these matter to you…

I’d highly consider finding a planner, stylist (hi, it’s nice to meet you! 😉 )

or a photographer who values these same details. You won’t regret it!


Vendor Team Credits:
Venue: @glenviewmansion
Host/Stylist: @nicolecolwellphotography
Florals: @lovebloomsdc
Gown: @clairepettibone
HMUA: @sueminskeybeauty
Ring: @susiesaltzman
Jewels: @lindsaymariedesign
Shoes: @bellabelleshoes
Rentals: @whitegloverentals
Paper: @woodandgrace

Wedding Detail Inspiration with Nicole Colwell Photography