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What is “full service stationery and design?

Some times I have clients inquire about custom wedding invitations and maybe some calligraphy for the envelopes as they have a limited budget. Some times I have clients who find me later in their planning and have almost everything finished – they just need place cards or menus printed to finish their task list. That is fine and I am more than happy to accommodate a la carte services for either situation.
BUT…my services are at their best value and quality when they are comprehensive of the entire heart of the event and created with intentional purpose. This means not just doing one or two items, but truly encompassing all of the design elements of the day in regards to signage, stationery and intimate details with a directive in mind.

When I first meet with my client’s, one of the questions I ask them is…

What is it that you want your guest’s to feel when they arrive at your wedding day?

Some say they want it to feel like a party or big celebration. Some say they want their guests to feel loved, valued, and appreciated as their closest loved ones and supporters. Some say they want their day to feel like a real life love story – full of romance, happy tears and intimate details of the couple.
Each client I work with has a different dream in their hearts and part of my job is to help that vision come to life. How? Through designing the pieces that communicate feeling, style, and setting to their guests.
Yes, a menu is primarily intended to communicate food options. But through design, it communicates much more than that. The style of text, the type of paper, the artwork, the wording choices all play into creating an atmosphere for your wedding day. Bold serif text, bright colors and sharp lined paper gives off a joyful, happy and modern feel to your wedding day. This look would feel much more like a celebratory party than a romantic, old-world inspired love story. These details and design components are what personalize your wedding and cast vision for your day all the way from the invitations hitting the mailbox to the welcome signage as they enter and the thank you cards after the day is through. Rather than having mixed designs from various mismatched vendors, using one designer gives a consistent voice and elevated expectation to your day.
By having full service stationery and design, your guests will have a clear expectation going into your wedding. They will know from the save the dates and wedding invitation what type of formalities are to be expected as well as what mood your wedding will have. This confidence and elevated expectation tends to result in guest’s wearing more appropriate attire for the style of your day and giving more generous gifts. Clear communication and event branding also help your guests enjoy the evening with ease and feel more valued by the thoughtfulness put into the event.
Overall, it isn’t something every bride needs or can afford. But full service stationery and design takes the work and thought off of the couple, and allows me to provide a seamless experience for your guests with my expertise and eye for detail. If full service stationery + design is something that interests you, send me a message and we can chat about how it would look with your wedding or intimate event.

What is “full service stationery + design?”