If you know anything about me by now, you probably know that I am a hopeless romantic.

I LOVE love.
I married my 14 year old crush.
I love anything deep and emotional.
I love all the sappy movies.
Candles are always burning in my house.
I love buying gifts that make people cry.
I love making people cry, period! (The good kind of crying I promise!)
We(I) have a list of “songs” that are “our song.”
Whoever bought my childhood home now has the privilege of seeing all of my crushes etched into my old closet wall.
I listen to Spotify by mood categories – rainy day coffeehouse being probably my most frequently played.
I have kept every movie theater or concert ticket Donovan and I have went to together including our first date.
I have a scrapbook AND a trunk full of love notes from our entire history together. Confession: I even have horrible flip phone selfie print outs dating back to 10+ years ago.

Yeah….I like love, a lot. And I’ve succumbed to this cheesy part of me that is me.

And so, hearing my clients talk about how they met, what they love to do together, what their favorite part of their planning process has been, and what they look forward to most on their wedding day — I literally love nothing about what I do more!

IT’S MY FAVORITE part of the whole process.

And with the information I learn about my couples, I like to create an experience for others to learn it too.

In embracing my identity as a romantic, I’ve learned that I don’t really want anything without depth, meaning and value. I find there is too much good stuff out there that I don’t want to waste my time on anything that isn’t life-giving.
I have brought this philosophy into my work, as well. Rather than helping clients recreate signs or stationery they saw and screenshot off Pinterest, instagram, or even their friend’s wedding – I strive to make goods that are “SO YOU.”

I want people to come to your wedding, walk in and EXPERIENCE your love.

I want the joyfulness, the wittiness, the inside jokes, your pet dogs, the flowers he got you on your first date, your “song,” your favorite date spot – ALL to play into the atmosphere of your wedding day.

You’re probably wondering how that is at all possible to do. That’s okay. You don’t have to do it! That’s why you hire a designer. That’s why you give your thoughts, the little bits of life that make your story yours, and give them to your designer to create with.

When you do that, it’s like handing her a package of crayons verses just a sharpie. It gives her color to work with. It gives a new texture. It gives joy, happiness and personality to insert into the atmosphere of your day and truly create an experience that people walk into and get to know you BETTER just by being there.

Isn’t that more meaningful than pins on Pinterest?

Isn’t that more valuable than copying the latest Martha Stewart magazine article? Isn’t that something that will make your day truly unique and rememberable? Isn’t making your day a celebration unlike anyone elses and truly celebrating the love you share something you’ll never regret? It never goes out of style. It never looks too trendy. It’s just – you.

Your love story matters to your designer, your guests, your family and everyone who gets to hear about it afterward.

Your funny nuances and favorite pastimes are worth celebrating. (In fact, I guarantee they stir up stories and conversations that will carry on for years.) And with them, we can create a wedding celebration that evokes the kind of emotion you’re looking for when planning your wedding. Whether it be fun, romantic, whimsical or artful – your story will fit into it in the most incredible way because it’s honest, it’s genuine and it’s yours. And that will be something incredible.


Photo | Eva Lin Photography

Focusing on your story is the most important part of planning your wedding