I always hear people say “well the invitations will just go in the trash.”

Just a loving, honest reminder –
the dress, too, will only be worn once,
the food and cake will only be eaten once,
the drinks drank once,
the decor used once,
the flowers will die in a day or two,
the venue will only be rented one day.

But it’s all still meaningful, right?

It is all still is worth investing into because it matters to the one day of a lifetime experience.

If you don’t want people to just throw away your wedding invitation – think outside the box.

Just like with anything else, the more wow-factor we put into your stationery, the more people will post pictures of it, talk about it, remember it, and keep it.

If you want your guests to keep your stationery – incorporate something into it that will resonate with them after your wedding day passes. Of course your invitation card will be focused entirely on your day & specifics, but there is no reason the back of it or the insert cards can’t be something worth framing or keeping. Imagine a beautiful skyline painting, a watercolor silhouette of the couple, a landmark relevant to your ceremony location, etc. All of these things and more are possible to incorporate into your suite in a way your guests can keep and cherish. If this is something you’re interested in exploring, let’s chat about it! I’d love to brainstorm how we can do this in a unique way.
There are also other ideas “out of the box” that will give incentive to your guests to use your invitations. For example, seeded paper allows for your friends and family to grow wild flowers out of your invitation. How cool is that? It represents a tangible way to watch your marriage grow & bloom.


Don’t let the idea of traditional wedding invitations being thrown out keep you from making something worth keeping.

I’m ready and willing to dream up out-of-the-box ideas that will wow your guests to action.

How to get your guests to NOT throw away your wedding invitation