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Assembling Invitations to Mail

THREE REASONS why you should NOT mail your invitations early:

I know, I know. Once you get engaged and all the details start coming together, you just CANNOT WAIT to tell the people you love all about your wedding & start getting those crucial RSVPs as early as possible. This seems like a great idea, doesn’t it?
Well, actually, I believe pulling the trigger on mailing wedding invitations too soon can actually cause massive problems down the road. And as a professional, I think – IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

Hear me out…

MYTH 1: You get your information out to guests early as possible so they can put it in their calendar.

Yes. This is one of the strongest points to sending out information to your guests early. But for this exact reason, Save the Dates exist. It allows you to mail only the bare minimum needed information to your guests. That way, they can “save the date” and put you at high priority in their scheduling. What it doesn’t do is lock you in to any commitments to times, logistics or weather permitting details. WOOHOO!

If you have a lot of “Out-of-Town Guests” who may be looking into accommodation information early, make sure you have resources on your wedding website that can help them out! By putting a wedding website on your Save the Date, you are still getting your guests all the information they need to ensure an enjoyable trip for your celebration.


MYTH 2: You can save money by omitting Save The Dates and just sending wedding invitations early.

Sure, in theory, if you mail invitations early it omits the need for Save the Dates. But actually, you can lose a lot of money by doing this. After all my years in the wedding industry the number one thing I plan for is: that THINGS WILL CHANGE. Weddings are a massive event that include a ton of people, vendors, logistics, etc. all which can change at any minute due to a number of circumstances.

I have witnessed couples send out wedding invitations early and then have to change venues. I have seen brides send out wedding invitations early and then call off the wedding. I have also seen couples send out wedding invitations early – and then had to have a massive change to their guest list. This means they had to call people they invited to apologetically uninvite them. YIKES. No one wants to do that.

Yep. All of these things are HUGE casualties and stress points that were exasperated by sending invitations early. And they also spent a lot of money on invitations (a lot more expensive than Save the Dates) that weren’t necessary or ended up needing reprinted with updated information.

MYTH 3: You will get RSVPs back sooner if you mail wedding invitations sooner.

You may. This is true. If all goes well, people will respond and let you know they can come and then their plans won’t change – despite the time between their response and the event. But reality is, for many people this probably will not be the case if they rsvp several months in advance.

Again, plans change. Not only from a wedding perspective, but also from a guest’s perspective. When asked months in advance, the yes is easier because “life” hasn’t quite caught up yet. But when you invite someone closer to the date, they can give an honest response on if it’s possible for them to make it. This isn’t personal, so try not to take it as such. Your guests may have unforeseeable circumstances that come up, such as being assigned a work trip over the week of your wedding.

Oftentimes, when couples mail their wedding invitations early, they get false yes’ that end up causing the couple to have a skewed guest count. The couple over orders all of their reception goods based on an incorrect number – thus overpaying and getting frustrated.

Another thing, people may not respond sooner despite the invite arriving sooner. Many people will see that the RSVP date is not for a while, and set the invitation aside. Their intentions are probably to make sure that they are giving a truthful response as their calendar develops, but what may happen is that they set it aside and forget about it. By having a large response window, it’s easy to push back the priority of responding.

You may be wondering, “so what do you recommend for mailing wedding invitations?”

My professional recommendation is to send wedding invitations out no sooner than 6-10 weeks before the wedding. This will help avoid false yes’, forgetfulness, wasted money in reprints, and avoid stress of re-communicating any changes that may come.


I also highly recommend you hiring a stationery designer to help alleviate any stress in the process.

My heart is to help you have the most enjoyable engagement season possible as your planning your wedding. Mailing invitations is an area that I see being a stressful point for SO MANY of the brides I’ve talked to. That’s actually part of the reason I love doing stationery for weddings now; I take it entirely off their plate and let them do what is fun for them instead of worrying about all these things.

For most brides, they are only sending save the dates or wedding invitations ONCE and this is their very first time. For me, I’ve done this MANY TIMES and I am not new to the issues that arise or how to smoothly solve them.

By hiring a wedding stationer, you are able to delegate the stress of “figuring it all out” and trust their judgment and expertise over what will serve you & your guests best in the long run. And in turn, you get to have more time for trying on dresses with your besties & tasting wedding cake with your boo.

If you’d like to chat more about what it would look like to outsource your invitations – schedule a free consultation with me here!

I take care of not only designing the invitations, but offer a full-service experience from the initial concepts > putting your invitations in the mail > designing day-of good for your day. You can see what I’m working on RIGHT NOW by following along on the ‘gram.


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Why NOT Mail Wedding Invitations Early?