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passionately turning


by offering full service calligraphy, stationery +  event design
 for couples who value personal touches and intricate details

I'm a self taught artist + calligrapher. I had drawing books as a kid and would hide in my room and draw flowers and horses all day. But I really never showed anyone my talents (though I'd never have called them that) until getting to create for my own wedding day.

I met my husband when I was 14 years old. Yep. We were babies. But the funny thing is - even then, I knew I'd marry him someday. He's my very best friend and the true source of all my romantic inspiration.

I love bike rides along the river, sushi dates, road trips with my feet on the dashboard, hearing people's life stories, quaint towns, a clean room with a cozy blanket, earthy tones. 

Hey, I'm Victoria!

Behind the Scenes

My husband and I are in our third year of marriage and twelfth year of being in love.
We’ve known each other most of our lives + every little piece of our story is messy and beautiful.

We recently bought a home in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and share our days with two rescued kittens which we adore.

We are heavily involved in our local church and Donovan is an incredibly talented guitarist and music director.

Sharing an artful life that glorifies God is the most cherished aspect of our existence.


My heart for art is that I want to create things that might not change the world, but could change your world by altering your perception of it. I'm not interested in making art that is perfect, but art that speaks a story of a perfectly imperfect life. I want the work I create to remind you of the good days on the bad days, the seemingly insignificant times you want to remember when life rushes past. In the joyful celebration or in the plainest days, I want to help you remember the importance of connection over comparison, meaning over mania, depth over highlight reels. I want to help you see your life as beautiful - just as it is.