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When my husband and I were getting married, the most important thing to me was that our wedding was something unique, special, and significant. Our journey getting to the place in our life where we were deciding to marry was quite crazy. It definitely felt like a God story - and I wanted a celebration that reflected and honestly communicated that.  Every part of our wedding had depth and meaning that allowed our guests to feel connected to why this day was so special. It made our guests feel honored and valued. It made our families feel loved and cherished. It allowed us to truly feel like we were celebrating OUR love story and the miracle it was. 
Now - it's my dream to share that passion with others. I have found it to be something lacking in the booming wedding culture of today to truly connect with the "why" behind your wedding. I love helping my clients find that. 






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Donovan and I met when we were 14. My mom made me go to youth group because I was getting mixed up in the "wrong crowd." Donovan, who attended said youth group, was not really my type - decked out in bright neon colors, skater Bieber hair, and ridiculously obnoxious skater boy shoes. But over the course of time, we became friends and then more than friends. We dated through high school and broke up Donovan's senior year. We didn't see each other or speak for 2 years. When coming home for a family celebration at our home church, we ran into each other. Donovan (having had a dream about me the night before) came and asked if we could catch up. I was super resistant, but he pressed me until I gave in.  We met up at a park and talked for hours. We both prayed for God to do what He wanted with our relationship. After 6 months of being friends, we decided to date again. We dated for about a year before he asked me to be his wife. It was the best decision I ever made!

I am alarmingly short.
I like to say I'm 5 foot, but the truth is I'm 4'11 and 3/4.
Don't judge. Luckily though, Donovan is 5'11 and reaches all the things off the top shelf for me. ;)


I don't like birthday cake. Like, I really have no desire to eat it. Carrot cake - I can do. And brownies or cinnamon rolls - ALL ME. 


I've been reading the same stack
of books for 3 years.
I love them...but I'm terrible at finishing a book. I tend to listen to a lot of podcasts while I work, though!


Prior to becoming a designer, I was an autism therapist. I also have a huge passion for fighting social injustices in the world like sex trafficking. I am in leadership of a local Pittsburgh organization to help combat exploitation of women in our city.


I have traveled to Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Cambodia. I love experiencing other cultures and hope to travel many more places.

I worked in Cambodia for two summers with orphanages across the country.


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