THE COVETED ALMOND FLOUR / GLUTEN FREE BAGEL RECIPE  aka gluten free bae-goals  | Recipe from Dr. Gundry’s The Plant Paradox Cookbook There are not many reasons I would ever choose to post a recipe on my website. It truly has literally nothing to do with wedding stationery…at all. So you know because I am — […]

MY SECRET MARRIAGE WEAPONS — marriage books My heart for my business is not to “just” make beautiful weddings all the time with custom signage and stationery, but to help encourage the building of a beautiful marriage too. Which is why I wanted to help provide my engaged friends with resources to do just that. […]

mailling invitations

THREE REASONS why you should NOT mail your invitations early: I know, I know. Once you get engaged and all the details start coming together, you just CANNOT WAIT to tell the people you love all about your wedding & start getting those crucial RSVPs as early as possible. This seems like a great idea, […]

   YOU GOT ASKED THE QUESTION YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! YOU CALLED YOUR PEOPLE! And as soon as you are swept away into blissful dreaming of this newly accepted reality as a fiancé…the stress inducing questions start pouring in. What is your date? Where are you getting married? How many bridesmaids will you have? When […]

I always hear people say “well the invitations will just go in the trash.” Just a loving, honest reminder – the dress, too, will only be worn once, the food and cake will only be eaten once, the drinks drank once, the decor used once, the flowers will die in a day or two, the […]

styling invitation with digital printing

PRINTING TYPES So you found your style, you found your invitation designer, you know generally what you’d like your invitation to include – but now you have to think PRINTING TYPES? How do you possibly choose? What is REALLY the difference between digital, letterpress, offset, foil, or any of the other bazillion options presented for […]

If you know anything about me by now, you probably know that I am a hopeless romantic. I LOVE love. I married my 14 year old crush. I love anything deep and emotional. I love all the sappy movies. Candles are always burning in my house. I love buying gifts that make people cry. I […]

lavender and rose bath salts

  It’s a rainy day here in Pittsburgh and I swear my body can feel it before I even open my eyes. Rain has always been so soothing to my soul – as though all life’s troubles are being washed away with the earth. On days like this, my favorite thing to do is open all […]

Lauren Fair - calligraphy vows - handwritten vows - wedding vows

What is “full service stationery and design? Some times I have clients inquire about custom wedding invitations and maybe some calligraphy for the envelopes as they have a limited budget. Some times I have clients who find me later in their planning and have almost everything finished – they just need place cards or menus […]

Have you heard of wedding details and wondered what the heck they are talking about? Have you wondered why they have become such an important (and often times, expensive) role in planning your wedding day? Well,  you aren’t alone. Wedding details can be anything that is used to tie in the theme, mood or story […]